28 Days to Wellness

Possibly the most meaningful 28 days of your life?

Are you one of the many individuals that have spent countless hours in talk therapy?  Thousands of dollars in personal growth retreats or residential treatment rehabs? Hundreds of dollars on books, diets, "miracle" supplements? Futile doctor visits and frustrating medical diagnoses? And yet you still have not found the answer...the peace, the clarity, and day-to-day well-being that you hoped for? That you believe in your heart is possible...

Many of the above mentioned processes simply fail to teach and integrate the basic, fundamental holistic nature of what it means to be truly well.

The program represents the culmination of over 40 years of Dr. Green's work with hundreds of clients to achieve transformative holistic wellness. Our program offers the single most unique opportunity to go beyond what is available in therapy,  recovery,  healing,  and any other means of achieving true wellness.   

Why our 28 Days to Wellness is your next essential step to physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being:

In our 28 day onsite program you will learn and experience step-by-step:

  • What the body needs to be vibrant and healthy, yet calm and relaxed 
  • How the emotions are connected to the physical body, and what impact they have on our daily well-being, along with tools for emotional balance 
  • How the mind influences the emotions and our physiology, and techniques to create and sustain attention, focus, clarity and positivity
  • A variety of methods for cultivating a spiritual foundation that can develop into deep inner resource from which to draw upon 

The 28 days include:

Grounding and Centering Exercises:  

  •  Yoga 
  •  Tai Chi 
  •   Qi Gong 
  •   TRE

Healing Body Modalities:  

  •   Massage 
  •   Passive Joint Movement 
  •   Private Yoga Therapy
  •   Facilitated TRE Sessions

Relaxation and Stress-Management Practices:

  •    Mindfulness Techniques
  •    Meditation 
  •    Visualization
  •    Guided Breathing Exercises

Social and Relational Exercises:

  •    Listening Skills 
  •    Empathy Exercises 
  •    Non-Violent Communication

Cultivating Inner Spiritual Life:

  •    Reflection time 
  •    Journaling 
  •    Meditation 
  •    Personal Silence

Transformational Mind/Body/Emotions Cleansing Process:  

  •   “Releasing the Past”
  •    Rapid Eye Technology  "RET"
  •    Rebirthing


Nourishing, Healthy Meals, Herbal Teas, Cleansing Juices

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Allergy-free options
  • Vegetarian/Vegan options 

Develop Functional Life Skills   

  • Build Self-Esteem / Self-Empowerment
  • Cultivate Self-Motivation​
  • Learn Self-Regulation

For more information on Fees,  upcoming 28 Day Retreats,  eligibility,  and more,  contact Brian Sackett,  949-682-8283.



Our Staff

Our staff has a combined experience of over

70 years in the field of Holistics, Health & Wellness, and Mind-Body Healing.   Each have supported and facilitated profound transformation for scores of clients.

Each are well known and respected for their humanness,  compassion,  lightheartedness,  and connection to HP.