Barry Green is the embodiment of Body-Mind wisdom. Father of Body-Psychology, founder and co-founder of 4 state-approved holistic schools and author of 2 holistic textbooks, Barry is unparalleled in his experience with body-mind healing. 

He has devoted 50+ years to the quest, study and attainment of body-mind health & wellness. This vast experience has given Barry the unique ability to see into the blueprint of an individual’s life story, and its current impact on their body-mind well-being. Using this insight, Barry ignites awareness where obstacles and barriers presently exist, and supports clients in experiencing breakthroughs that are life-altering. 

As a teacher he openly shares the depth of his knowledge and experience with clarity, simplicity and an endearing sense of humor. 

Barry D Green, PhD, CHWC

“Barry, it was because of you that I decided to commit my life to my own healing. You showed me what attainment was for the first time in my life. Thank you for all your support.” – JS

“Barry, you are like a warrior with so many wonderful qualities…funny, compassionate, humble, focused, loving among so many other things! Thank you for offering your passion and experience. I am deeply grateful for everything I have learned from you.” -MR


“Barry, thank you for choosing this conscious life and sharing all that you have experienced with me. My life will never be the same.” – JK