"Today I have my children back in my life, six years of sobriety and I just graduated college. I can trace all of these back to the very day I met Brian and he introduced me to recovery and spirituality."  Gary H. Madera, CA

Brian is the youngest of three children and a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the proud father of a 27-year-old son and has spent many of the past 30 years living in southern California. Brian is a graduate of Broadcast Journalism from the University of Alabama, and after overcoming decades of his own battles with a variety of addictions, he returned to school in Orange County, California to become a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He has spent the majority of the past 7 years working with clients with a variety of mental health issues and remains an active member of a 12-Step Fellowship, sponsoring numerous men in his free time. His passion is to help people to reach their full potential, and he continues to work on himself to do the same. He enjoys live music, sports, Yoga, meditation, and nature, and has spent many years on his own spiritual journey of enlightenment.

Brian Sackett,  BA  CCAPPII


"Brian Sackett is a mentor, a sponsor, a true friend. Brian helped me thru the tough times always guiding me towards the good ones. Thanks Brian" Dane B     Colorado