Gain Revolutionary Insights

Barry and Kat, the primary teachers at Center for Embodied Well-Being, share 65+ years of combined training, study and experience. This extensive experience has enabled them to comprehend and embrace the essential principals underlying mind-body healing, and convey those principals with distinct clarity and simplicity. 

Learn to Guide Others Towards Greater Well-Being

We envision a world where everyone has the necessary tools, clarity and inspiration to live their most fulfilling and rewarding life. Become part of our mission.

Embody Wisdom, Modern and Ancient

We offer time-tested tools and methodologies that integrate the ancient wisdom teachings with the latest scientific research in mind-body wellness.

Experience Profound Healing

Our students walk away with a depth of transformational experiences that serve as a lifetime resource for their ongoing growth and healing.

Develop Authentic Relationships

Students who have attended our programs describe the friendships they have made with fellow students as some of the deepest and most “real” connections they have ever had.

At Our Center....