Are   you  coping  with  the  challenges,   obstacles,   issues,   or  problems  in  you  life?

Do  you  keep  looking  for  answers,    trying  different approaches,   self-help  groups,    reading  books  and  searching  online  for  the  answers?  

Almost  all  of  the  material  available  to  help  and  support  people  is  in  the  category  of  coping  or  managing .  

Affirmations,   breathing  exercises,   yoga  practice,   massage,    working-out,   support  groups,    talk  therapy,    and  much  more  are  based  on  learning  how  to  manage  and  cope  with  your  issues  and  challenges.  

Extensive  research  has  shown that  there  is no long  lasting  benefit  from  coping  skills.  When "management" stops, the issues and problems simply  reappear.  

Many  coping  skills  actually  repress  the  true  cause  of  the  issue  and  push it  deeper  down  inside  of  us.   So  when  it  finally  does  rise to  the  surface,   it  comes  up  and out with a force  much  stronger  than  what  is  appropriate  to  the  situation at hand.   

Coping  skills  can  often  lead  to  frustration,  discouragement,  and  depression.  We can feel that there is no hope as  the  same  issues continue to  sabotage  our life time and time again.   

   Barry  Green,  PhD

   Barry  has  been  committed  to  his  own  healing  for  over  60  years  and  has  shared  his experience,  insights ,  and  wisdom  with  1000's  over  more than  40  years  as  a  holistic  therapist  and  educator.

   He  is  considered  one  of  the  most  knowledgable  and  experienced experts  in  the  body-mind  field.   

   Here  is  a  partial  list  of  his  accomplishments:

Body:   1)  Former bodybuilder,  

                2)  Competitive  collegiate  gymnast,  

                3)  Trained in classical  ballet   

                4)  Current  masters track  sprinter,  

                5)  40+ years  of  T'ai Chi,  

                6)  Greatest  Massage  Therapist  of  the  20th     Century award,    

               7)  Massage  Hall  of  Fame  inductee,  

               8) Author of  Holistic Body Therapy Textbook,

               9)  Creator  of numerous  body  methods,  

              10)  Founder / primary teacher  for  4  alternative      body-mind  vocational  schools.

Emotions:   40   years  of  

              1)  "Rebirthing"  experience and facilitation,  

              2)  Primal  Scream  facilitator,   

              3)  emotional  discharge/ release  processes,  

              4)  Compassionate Communication facilitator and                             educator  since  1993

              5)  "Gateway Points" creator and  teacher


              1)  PhD  in  Counseling  Psychology

              2)  Author  of  Just  Watch the Movie,  Using  Your Right Brain for Holistic Therapy

              3)  40+  yrs  of  yogic  Scriptural  study,  meditation, and  chanting

              4)  35+  of  training  holistic  practitioners  how  to  assess  and  design  appropriate  body-mind programs

              5)  20+ yrs  of EMDR-style practice




What  is included  in  the  training.

1.   Thirteen  (13)  questionnaires  to  identify  faulty  childhood   learning  in  five  (5)  classical  categories  of  childhood  development  necessary to  raise  a  functional,   Conscious,  happy,  successful  child.        

    These  five  (5)  categories  are :     

      Self  Esteem     

      Expressing  Needs  and Wants  Appropriately     

      Limits  and  Boundaries     



 2.   Questionnaire feedback  on  the  faulty  learning.

 3.   6 hours  TRE  nervous  system  calming  exercises

 4.   5000  negative  belief  releases  using  EMDR  methods

 5.   100  negative  belief  releases  using  NLP  and  emotional

           discharge  methods

6.   Creation  of  an  inner beautiful  safe  place

7.    Work  with  the  Inner  Child

8.   Connection  and  work  with  a  Spiritual  Guide

9.   3  month  follow  up  program



   One of the most successful Western methods for personal growth and the healing of faulty subconscious learning appeared in the 1970’s as the Fisher Hoffman method. Dr. Barry Green began working with this method thirty five years ago and has worked with hundreds of clients since then with great success. Over the years, he has refined this method to include additional methodologies to support the healing of old trauma and eliminate the residual tension/trauma patterns in the "body-mind." This new method is called Releasing the Past. 


This  was  the  greatest benefit  I  have  ever  received  from  any  of  the many  trainings I have  done.   KB

Releasing  the  Past 

“Barry  working  with  me has  been  an  undescribable  experience. I  have  always known  that  something  spectacular  would  happen  to  me in  this  lifetime,  but  this  has  been  so much  more  than  I  have  ever  imagined." SD

Coping                                 or                             Healing

For  more information  about  Releasing the Past,  please  click  the  link below.   


Healing  is  when  we  find  and  address  the  cause  of  our issue,   obstacle  or  challenge.  In Releasing The Past, we  uproot  the  cause   like  a  weed  in  the  garden.  Only  when  we  get to  the  root,  can  the  issue  truly  be  eliminated. 

For  most  of  us,  this  healing  is  necessary  in order to be free from the deep-seated,  elusive and sabotaging beliefs  that  exist  in  the  subconscious body-mind

The  subconscious contains  the  hidden  core  beliefs  and experiences  that  we   learned  and   "locked-in"   during   early childhood,   up   to  the  age  of   7.    These  are  the  false  "truths"  we  imprinted  about  who  we  are,   who  "others"  are,  and  how  to  survive  in  this  world.    This   "database"   of  core  experiential  knowledge  is  said  to be 80%  of  everything  we  have ever learned.   

Releasing  the  Past  is  a  5  full-day  process  that  discovers  the   extent  of  childhood  learning  and  works  with  3 proven techniques  to  deeply  release  the  negative  beliefs from the  subconscious. The techniques are based on:  1)  EMDR  to  clear the  Limbic  Brain,  2) NLP and 3) Emotional  Abreaction, a dynamic release method