"This training has touched every aspect of my life; it is holistic in the truest sense of the word.  As a class, we've gone far beyond the physical, and are bridging the gap between the practical and the spiritual.  I feel that I have been carefully guided to understand and apply the teachings to support my own clients, while at the same time being led on a journey of inner exploration and transformation.” -CF

“Barry, you are like a warrior with so many wonderful qualities…funny, compassionate, humble, focused, loving among so many other things! Thank you for offering your passion and experience. I am deeply grateful for everything I have learned from you.” -MR

“Kat teaches with grace, clarity, humor, and most of all compassion. She fully embodies what she teaches and is an inspiration to all. 

I feel truly blessed to have been in this training.” -AS 

“Barry, thank you for choosing this conscious life and sharing all that you have experienced with me. My life will never be the same.” – JK

“I have gained skills that will last all of my life. I can now, through what I've learned, take care of my body and mind daily. I've gained clarity, energy, flexibility and strength. One of the best trainings I’ve done for sure!” –FC

“Barry has been my teacher, my mentor and my friend. He created an environment in which I was able to examine and grow myself. For this, I am forever grateful.” - LH

“When I engaged on this yoga journey with Kat, I knew that it would bring positive
changes into my life, what I didn't know was that it was going to lead me to one of the most special events in my life: the natural home birth of my second child.
Kat's teaching is a personal journey of discovery, love, and trust.” –MT

“Barry, it was because of you that I decided to commit my life to my own healing. You showed me what attainment was for the first time in my life.

Thank you for all your support.” – JS

“Kat is a unique combination of embodying what she teaches and the ability to transfer this in a clear, receivable manner. She creates a learning environment that is welcoming, fulfilling, compassionate, and joyful.  

I am forever grateful to have had her as a teacher. – IF

“How do I articulate the amazing experiences of your work?

Barry, you were the door that gave me passage to my true self!” –EL

“Barry, my life has been transformed from living in fear and sadness to experiencing that I am lovable as the being that I am. Thank you for all the support, wisdom, and love that you put into everything you have shared with me.” - SC